Puntland forces clashes with militias in Bossaso

Bossaso(SD)-Reports from Bosaso, the capital of Bari region, say the clashes occurred between Puntland security forces and militia commanded by Issa Mohamud Yusuf “Yulux”, a former leader of Somali pirates.

There has been death and injured as a result of the forces fighting in Bossaso today.

The clashes came after militiamen were denied access to the city with a fleet of about 20 armed vehicles and tribal-backed troops.

It is unknown the extent of the damage caused by the clashes, and authorities in Bari region contacted by the media have declined to comment on the new crisis.

The latest clashes in Bosaso, came amid recent tensions over rumors that the Puntland administration is scrapping a private securty company that has a contract with the UAE.

The company, called PDG (Puntland Development Group), is owned by a Bashir Abdullahi Salah-Deer a local businessman from Bari region.

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