Puntland opposes Pres. Farmajo’s reconciliation plan with Somaliland

Garowe July 19,2019(SD)-Puntland announced its position on a newly formed Somalia committee to participate reconciliation process with Somaliland.

Puntland regional Government of Somalia released a press release speaking to their opposion to the nominated committee.

“Puntland contests that the process of nominating candidates is not consistent with the Provisional Constitution, which is under Article 53 from its second paragraph,” the statement said.

Puntland believes that any result from negotiations with Somaliland will have a direct impact on them

“Puntland, wants the international community and anyone interested in the issues of Somalia, know that the nomination of the committee was not meant for a real dialogue and the federal government Somalia would be responsible for it’s outcome.” said the Press Releases.

Puntland’s rejection comes only a day latter the nomination of a reconciliation committee by the Somalia president.

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