Puntland’s latest alarming criticism against The federal government of Somalia

Garowe July 21,2019(SD)-Puntland has strongly condemned the federal government, saying the administration has expressed concern over the practice of federal government officials.

“The federal government of Somalia is continuously working to destroy regional government states who are members of the Somali federal government, taking on actions against Somali people’s interest, and destroy their unity.” the statement said.

The statement added: “The federal government’s leaders have stepped up the process of  using the international donors recourses, which was  to improve the infrastructure of the economy and the construction of public institutions, to overthrow the authorities and create instability in the country in order to win the 2020-2021 elections. “

Puntland called on the federal government of Somalia to stop urgently saying “the indefinable intervention of the Galmudug and Jubbaland elections as well as the instability of the country”.

The statement was part of a series of articles and speeches emanating from Puntland criticizing the federal government of Somalia, so far there is no response from the Federal government of Somalia.

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