Puntland pledges to hire fired aviation workers in Somaliland

Badhan(SD)-Puntland Minister of Civil Aviation and Airports Hussein Osman Lugatuur held a press conference in Badhan and offered to hire recently fired aviation employees in Hargeisa airport.

The Minister of Civil Aviation and Airports in Puntland says they would hire the 42 employees at the Hargeisa airport, after their work with the United Nations Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) was transferred to the Federal Government of Somalia.

Minister Lugatuur appealed to the Federal Government and ICAO to transfer the workers to Puntland, saying that he feels they have a better job for them.

Somaliland essentially fired the workers until ICAO provides further clarification on which government these employees work for.

Yet, another reactionary political move from Somaliland regarding an issue that was on the horizon forever.

There are no known plans on who will perform the duties these employees performed and what the Somaliland aviation agenda is moving forward.

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