UCID Chairman sets the wrong condition on attending Jubaland’s Presidential inauguration

Hargeisa(SD)-UCID Chairman Feisal Ali Warabe weight in the Jubaland presidential outcome and possible attendance of the Presidential inauguration in Kismayo.

Faysal Ali congratulated Ahmed Madobe on his re-election of Jubaland leadership and announced his conditions on his attendance of  the inauguration.

“I congratulate Ahmed Madobe , I do not want Somalia to be divided into five tribes, but now that they have agreed, let’s not intervene then, and if the place is peaceful inshallah I’ll attend the inauguration.” Said the Chairman of the opposition Party UCID.

The Chairman who vented that greater Somalia advocates from Somaliland should be shot seems to be selling himself short with his latest proposal.

insiders are a buzz with Faisal Ali’s latest proposal to go to Kismayo for Ahmed Madobe’s inauguration ceremony, given Ahmed Madobe is just as hostile to Somaliland as Pres. Farmajo or even as Puntland’s Pres. Deni.

The Chairman’s “peaceful” condition to go to Kismayo seems to be politically empty, specially if it’s based on emotion rather then political pragmatism.

The last political chip the Chairman held with Somalilanders was his “nationalist” rhetoric and his hardline positions on unity with Somalia, and if he is openly meeting with Somali politicians, discussing his involvement in the next Somalia presidential election, he may expose himself as a run of the mill Somaliland politician rather then a patriot.

Jubaland did not yet announce that they plan to invite Chairman Faisal Ali Warabe to the presidential invigoration in Kismayo.

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