Puntland ready to discuss political crisis in Somalia

Garowe (SD) – Puntland interior minister Abdirahman Mohamed Dhabancad, said president Said Deni now traveling abroad is ready and working towards in how to better discuss the interests of Somalia.

The minister of internal affairs announcement comes as the president of Puntland who is currently on a trip abroad, will visit Mogadishu.

President Deni is due back to Garowe then is to travel to Mogadishu a few days later, where he will participate in discussions on ending the conflict between the FGS and member states.

The Puntland Minister of Interior said the federal government and Puntland are loggerheads over public interest and the FGS is engaged in working against the agreed upon federal system.

The international community has recently called for political leaders in Somalia to end the political dispute and make a decision in the 2021 election.

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