Puntland Rejects Somali Election Law

Garowe (SD) – President of Puntland State of Somalia Said Deni has boycotted the current Federal Elections Law before the lower house of the Somali Parliament.

The President said that Puntland has not been consulted on the Somali Elections Law before the House, so Puntland will not be a part of that system, unless it is allowed to participate.

The President pointed out that a clear framework is needed to determine the type of elections that will be held in Somalia in 2020/2021, so far the law before Parliament does not say what kind of election will take place in the country.

Mr. Deni called for a referendum in the country for the remainder of the year, it has to be clear how it can happen, and if it is to go back to the 4.5 system, and we should be consulted with.

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