A former fierce critic appointed to Somaliland’s new Minister of Livestock and Fisheries

Hargeisa (SD) – The new Minister of Livestock and Fisheries of Somaliland, Said Sulub Mohamed, who was recently appointed by president Muse Bihi, spoke about how he would work with the ruling Kulmiye government.

Minister Sulub who was in Turkey when he was appointed to the post, and was an staunch Wadani critic of the Kulmiye regime spoke about working with the government.

“Isn’t this party Kulmiye, am I a Kulmiye? I was a Wadani party member, but today the president who appointed me to this seat, recognizes as every Somalilander in his heart, has begun to unite the people, has continued to strengthen and am part of the unification.” Said Mr. Sulub.

Said Sulub also explained his reasons for accepting the position and said “I accepted this mandate as part of the unification, and I accepted that no one in the country including Muse Bihi can claim the country over me, to contribute everything I can, say what needs to be said, God didn’t expect me from anything below that.”.

Said Sulub continued “I used to tell people that if I was called upon to say what I thought or what I the government wanted to hear, if the government wanted truth and they didn’t want false advice, I knew it, they will say “come on board,” said the new Minister for Livestock and Fisheries.

The Somaliland government who is often criticized for its lack of inclusion have been appointing lots of opposition members, this may have an adverse effect on Kulmiye supporters.

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