Puntland: we’re ready to assist Somalia’s developmental progress

Garowe (SD) – President of Puntland State of Somalia Said Abdullahi Deni met with a delegation from the International Community led by the United Nations Ambassador to Somalia James Swan.

Somalia’s election in 2021, security, debt pardon in fulfillment of the Federal Constitution were discussed in the meeting today.

President Deni pointed out that they had discussed several issues related to progress in the political, security and economic sectors of the country.

President Deni said Puntland is ready to contribute for any development effort in Somalia.

United Nations envoy to Somalia for his part, said that the important meeting between the delegation and Puntland leaders ended in a positive atmosphere, and discussed key issues that need to be addressed, these include Somalia’s 2021 elections, the completion of the country’s provisional constitution, security issues, counter-terrorism, good governance, women’s political role, economic development and social development including health and education.

This was the last meeting in which the international community has been assessing this year’s progress in Somalia and discussed plans for next year.

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