Puntland’s attempt to create a local council in Buhodle is met with opposition

Buhodle(SD)-A number of Puntland cabinet ministers and MPs who have been in Buhodle for a while seem to be not closer in the formation of the local council.

The Puntland delegation held separate meetings with disparaging clans and opposition, and still are not open to the Puntland administration.

The dispute revolves around the to be appointed 30 member local government and it’s selection from as much as 30 clans that live in the district together.

It seems to some clans in the district that the Puntland delegation is favoring and is giving more to one local clan the majority of the seats.

There is already a local council formed by the Khatumo state that collapsed and it has done a lot of good work in the area, and are claiming to be the only legitimate local council, and are opposing the process.

Buuhoodle is the only district with four different flags, Ethiopia, which dominates the western part of the country, especially Zuweeto, The other three are dominated by Puntland administration, with Khatumo having the only visible remaining influence in Buhodle.

Although Puntland administration sent cabinet ministers and majority of it’s local representatives to Buhodle, it would be a blow to it’s  territorial disputes with Somaliland if their efforts fail.

Somaliland is yet to comment or take steps to curtail the Puntland incursion to a territory it claims.


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