Puntland’s top senators oppose Somalia’s Petroleum Act

Mogadishu (SD) – The Puntland  upper house senators has opposed the way the upper house has passed the Somali Petroleum Act.

The deputy chairman of the national resource committee, Senator Mohamud Mashruuc, said the upper house rules were severely violated, and a group of parliamentarians worked to pass the law without consultation.

“On behalf of the Puntland senators, I hereby declare that we are against this law, and that our administration in Puntland is in the same position as us.” says senator Mashruc.

“This law will be used to rob the national resources. It is a law that allows the minister to sign billion-dollar deals. It is a law that allows fraudulent companies to be granted patents,” he added.

Senator Mashruuc pointed out that the Petroleum Ministry had forced the passage of the law, and pushed in filing a motion to remove members of the Senate who have been working in amending the law, especially in the areas where it has been detrimental to the nation’s resources.

He called on Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo not to sign the bill until their amendments are included.

The lower house of parliament has already passed the law, this is the first state law to regulate oil resources in Somalia since the collapse of the central government, it is not known how this law will go into effect with all of its controversy.

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