Religious leaders suggest Awdal Governor be brought to justice

Borama (SD) – Sheikh Hassan Daheye, one of Burma’s Islamic scholars, accused the Governor of Awdal region of blasphemy and said legal action should be taken against him.

The Sheikh, who emphasized his absence, said people present at the venue were the governor insulted the religion, told him about the governor insulting Islam.

However, the governor of Awdal region, Abdirahman Ahmed Ali dismissed the allegation, and said he had no reason to insult the religion, since he is a Muslim.

The governor said the Sheikh should present prove of his allegations, otherwise we would take action, as there were a lot of people at the event including journalists whose cameras were on.

Also, Sheikh Abdullahi Sheikh Cali Jowhar who spoke to the media after the religious community meeting, proposed that the governor be sacked.

“I would like to urge the President, the Vice President, and the Minister of the Interior to take that person (the governor of Awdal) first of all be removed, and face Islamic law.” said the Sheikh.

It’s not yet known which way the Somaliland government will go with this crises, this has been a major topic of discussions in the Borama city all week.

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