Senator Qodah responds to President Farmajo’s apology request

Mogadishu (SD) – Senator Mustafe Mohamud Qodah, who hails from Somaliland has responded to president Farmajo’s Non-apology apology Somali government’s brutal massacre in Somaliland.

Senator Mustafe Qodah pointed out that the armed men president Farmajo said they should apologies includes Colonel Muse Bihi of the SNM.

The essence of the president’s statement was this: “I am sorry to you, Northern people, for the damage caused by a South-led system, and you are required to apologize for the same damage you caused”. Said the senator.

Also, the president Farmajo is asking for an apology directly from the president Bihi, as he was one of those gunmen who are asking.

In Other words, Farmajo is saying we were all at fault. Now we wait to see the mass graves of people murdered by SNM in the South, concluded the senator.

The Senators statement comes after yesterday president Farmajo gave a non-apology apology to Somalilanders for Siyad Barre’s atrocities in the North.

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