Somali Government dismisses Journalist abuses

Mogadishu (SD) – The Somali government has reacted sharply to a report issued by Amnesty International yesterday, highlighting the abuses the Somali media has had during the three years of this government.

Somali Ministry of Culture and Tourism released a statement, stating that the Somali government is fully aware of its responsibility for the rights of its citizens.

“We have received a statement from Amnesty International, which deals with alleged violations of freedom of expression, the Somali government is fully aware of its responsibility to protect the rights of citizens, and to protect their freedom of expression and personal liberty,” the statement said.

Government claimed that the Amnesty report is false and is used to seek refuge status in European countries, according to the statement.

The statement from the ministry of information said that there was no evidence to support Amnesty’s allegations of journalists’ abuses by the government. She described it as a political interest and described it as a political.

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