Somali Government cancels Ahmed Madobe’s Passport

Kismayo (SD) – The Somali federal government has withdrawn the diplomatic passport of all members of parliament, ministers and other Jubaland officials, according to officials in Jubaland.

The Somali government also withdrew the Passport from former Jubaland Ministers and MPs, as well as politicians who supported Ahmed Madobe.

The report adds that Somali Immigration has revoked the President’s and Vice-President’s Passports, while Ministers and MPs who arrived in Mogadishu got their passports confiscated.

Lawmaker Ahmed Ismail, a former member of Jubaland parliament, told the media that his diplomatic passport was taken from him by the Somali Immigration, along with other ministers and parliamentarians, some of whom are currently working.

The Somali government has previously said, it does not recognize the election held in Kismayo in the Lower Juba region, where Ahmed Madobe was re-elected president.

The conflict between the federal government and Jubaland administration has affected the entire region and had an adverse impact on the public.

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