UCID Chairman: the country is faced with a crisis

Hargeisa (SD) – The chairman of UCID party, Eng. Faisal Ali Warabe, who returned to the country today, said that the two opposition parties will hold a meeting on the Somaliland’s situation Saturday.

Faisal Ali Warabe said the two executive committees of the two parties will convene, and will asses the country’s situation, and described the country’s situation to be in the worst-case scenario.

“The country is going through a period of uncertainty, our people, inside and outside the country, are worried, on Saturday, the two parties will sit down and asses the country’s situation, and we will share detailed secrets on current issues.” said Faysal.

He added that “our assessment of the countries issues will include, in matters of foreign, domestic, economic situation of the country.”

Both opposition parties do not agree with the president’s recent decision to reopen the national party process before its ten-year mandate.

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