Somali government seeks military support from Turkey and Eritrea

Mogadishu(SD)-Reports indicate that the Somali government is currently in talks with Turkey and Eritrea for military support.

Military support from the Somali government in Turkey and Eritrea to help fight al-Shabaab after the withdrawal of AMISOM from Somalia in 2021.

The deployment of military and military equipment from Turkey and Eritrea needs to be approved by the UN Security Council first.

Turkish ambassador to Kenya, Mohamed Kamil Miroglo said he is not aware with such consultations.

If Turkey and Eritrea decide to send troops to Somalia, military officials and military equipment, it could appear that Somalia has succeeded in succeeding in AMISOM’s international donors, which were expected to train and equip 30,000 Somali soldiers, before AMISOM withdraws from Somalia in 2021.

AMISOM during its time in Somalia has successfully trained only by 10,000 federal security forces.

There are no reports  on whether these countries will send troops and equipment to Somalia when AMISOM forces are leave Somalia in 2021.

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