Somali government welcomes the ICJ’s decision to delay the hearing again

Mogadishu(SD)-Deputy Prime Minister of Somalia Mahdi Mohamed Guled Khadar said that the Somali government welcomes the decision of the ICJ’s court to delay the maritime case.

The deputy prime minister said the Somali government had previously rejected the Kenyan government’s request to delay the hearing for a year, but this time they are welcoming that this decision should be final.

The ICJ this afternoon ruled that the maritime dispute between Somalia and Kenya be adjourned June 8-12, 2020. It has stated that the two countries to attend court proceedings, and the decision is final.

Kenya has twice applied for a postponement of the hearing and the Somali government has rejected it, to no avail, although it appears that this is the last time.

Kenya have been lobbying to have the case be settled through mediation, while Somalia was always bushing for the court to make the judgment.

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