Somali parliament approves controversial electoral law

Mogadishu (SD) – The Somali National Assembly has passed a new federal electoral law, after a heated debate today.

171 MPs voted to approve the new Law electoral law after it was amended by the lawmakers debating the bill.

The new Law will be used to administer elections in both Houses of Parliament of the Federal Republic of Somalia, to oversee the election of the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia in accordance with the Federal Constitution, and to conduct one man one vote, free and fair elections, managed independently, impartially and transparently.

According to this law, the elected president shall nominate a prime minister from the party that wins the most seats in the Parliament, previously the president was free to choose an PM from anywhere.

The law also states that the national elections at the Federal level shall constitute a system of majority parliamentary representation.

The bill is now forwarded to the upper house of the Somali parliament, and if voted in and signed by the president it becomes law.

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