Somalia appoints son of former Benadir mayor Eng Yarisow, and nothing for the others

Mogadishu(SD)-Somali Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmed Awad Isse has appointed the first secretary of the United Nations Mission in the United Nations to the son of former Mayor of Banadir region.

Mohamed Abdirahman Omar Osman Yarisow is the first secretary of the United Nations envoy to the United Nations and urged the new minister to do his best.

Former Mogadishu mayor Eng Yarisow was killed in a suicide bombing at the Benadir regional headquarters, and another bomb blast in Banadir province.

Though this is a good gesture for The killed mayor’s family, it begs the question if the son is qualified for the position?.

If he is, the government should present that, and if not, the optics are bad for both parties.

There was more than one family that lost a member in that attack, what do they get for their losses?.

It’s a privilege to serve the public, only in Somalia it is a patronage.

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