Somalia’s Flood Emergency Committee finally calls for emergency aid

Mogadishu(SD)-The flood relief committee, appointed by the Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia Hassan Ali Kheyre, said the situation in Beledweyne is very precarious.

The chairman of the committee, who is the Federal Minister for Assistance to the Federal Government of Somalia, said that the torrential rains had worsened, leading to the closure of Beledweyne Airport.

The Committee urged the Somali people to work together to help their brothers and sisters in crisis, specifically calling on businesses in Galmudug, Puntland and the adjacent regions to provide first aid.

The committee said the rescue started in earnest and the Government delivered its first aid yesterday to Beledweyn, and today the committee met with aid organizations, primarily the UN.

The committee also said that food aid is now coming from Galkayo to Beledweyn, and today a helicopter rescue has started.

The committee directed that anyone collecting aid for the crisis should inform them, those who do not, would face a mobile court for   Fraud.

The Somalia government perhaps waited too long to respond to the crises, so did the countless aid agencies in the country.

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