Somalia’s Heritage Institute Ideas Forum concludes in Djibouti, declares the unelected ruler of that country “the cord” of Somalis

Djibouti (SD) – The Heritage Ideas Forum in Djibouti, concluded today with a press release summarizing the meeting.

The three-day conference was held in the capital, Djibouti.

Issues discussed include, the role that Somalis can play in peace in the Horn of Africa, the upcoming Somalia elections, Business and Education, and the Somaliland issue.

The statement said that the forum called for the resumption of talks between the Federal Government of Somalia and the Somaliland Government.

Also, the Forum called for Somalia’s presidential election to be held on time, and expressed concern over the political crisis in Somalia.

The forum called on Somali leaders in Kenya to address the destruction of Somali assets in that country, especially the destruction of telecommunications equipment, according to the statement.

On the other hand, the Forum recommended that 2020 be considered the year of Somali education, with the motto “do not leave your kids without education”.

The forum has nullified its positive image by recognizing Djibouti’s controversial President Ismail Omar Guelleh as the cord of Somalis.

One can easily understand why an Institution like the Heritage Institute that emulates progressive international institution would declare an unelected leader a cord of all Somalis, Finance.

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