National Party Forum: our agreement with President Farmajo is dead

Mogadishu (SD) – A statement from Somalia’s National Party Forum led by former President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed said that the current President of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has been broken their agreement.

According to the two-page statement, National Party Forum, the president has failed to keep the promises and implementation of the agreement articles, so the forum saw that the deal was dead.

The Forum has accused the president of continuing to deny citizens basic rights of speech and movement, continuing to use federal security agencies in pursuit lower political goals, inciting unnecessary violence and instability in regional administrations, funding insurgents against elected governments, and that the president continues with his 2020/21 electoral plan, which are against the constitution.

The Forum is alleging all of these issues are breaches of the existing agreements, and show that the president is not honest in resolving issues affecting the country’s politics.

The forum has finally made it clear that, in order to reopen the talks, the president wants to unveil the provisions of the previous agreement and implement it.

The agreement was reached on November 20th after a meeting in Villa Somalia between Somalia president and two former presidents, Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and Hassan Sheikh, who represented the forum.

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