Somaliland Cabinet Approves 2020 Budget as the Berbera DP World proceeds go to Muse Bihi’s Coffers

Hargeisa(SD)-The Somaliland Cabinet today approved the 2020 national budget of 2,751,304,880,098 SLSH (Two Thousands, Eighty-Four Million, Eighty-Eighty-Eighty-eight Shillings), and 18 % (Eighteen percent) more than the fiscal year 2019. The session of the Somaliland cabinet today chaired by the President of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi, has formally approved the 2020 budget.

The new Budget Forecast, will focus on safety, reconciliation, health development, water, education, elections, environmental, wildlife care, agriculture, fisheries, minerals, energy and economic infrastructure.

Among the areas under consideration for the new budget collection is Somaliland’s tax base which is the foundation for the state, It is in line with Somaliland’s Second Development Plan (SNDPII), and reflects on the Kulmiye political party program and its promises in the 2017 elections.

What is not presented in the budget is the 30% Somaliland gets from DP World Berbera Agreement.

As reported earlier, the Kulmiye plan is to set up the Finance mister as a fall guy for the downfall.

Minister Sa’ad Ali Shire, was instrumental in setting up the Berbera DP World agreement.

The 30% Somaliland was getting out of the deal should have been included in the national budget, instead it’s going starlight into Muse Bihi’s coffers.

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