Somaliland continues arresting Journalist, Somcable reporter detained in Erigavo

Erigavo (SD)- Abdullahi Hussein Darwish a reporter with Somcable Television in Erigavo town and also a representative of Sanaag Region’s Solja organization, has been detained by the Somaliland authorities while on duty.

The arrest of the journalist was ordered by the District Commissioner of Erigavo, Mohamed Ahmed Olol, who was recently appointed to the Erigavo District Court by the Bihi administration.

Reports from Erigavo town say they he has been remanded in custody for seven days without explanation.

Somaliland is fast becoming one of the worst places to practice journalism, contrary to its past record of being a democratic enclave in East Africa.

In the past few years, arrests of journalists in Somaliland have been increasing, and three journalists have been arrested in Hargeisa, Gabiley and Erigavo in recent weeks.

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