Feisal Ali Warabe insults a Nation: If I could see a competent, well-qualified person I will resign from my post

Hargeisa (SD) – UCID chairman Eng. Faisal Ali Warabe in a recent BBC interview was asked why he is at reigns for so long. His reply was that there is no one in Somaliland that can take over for him.

“I was there, If I could see a competent, well-qualified person, who enforces the party law and its rules, we would be retired. But there is no one coming into the party to carry out this agenda in Somaliland, forget about the Parties, if they do not get a position in Somaliland they will go to Hamar,”

Unfortunately, it never dawned on the Chairman, that he is the reason many youths go to “Hamar” for opportunities and even worse, majority of Somaliland youth do not hesitate to make the perilous sea journey to European countries.

The UCID Chairman issued a challenge to the BBC and its listeners “tell me if there is anyone I can trust in the party’s chair, I will leave it,” he said.

It’s clear to everyone except may be to the Chairman, that everyone in his party can take over his job and do a much better job then he could ever do, let alone Somaliland.

The Chairman’s assertion is not only lunacy but it’s insulting to every Somalilander, he and his enablers needs to know, they have to go.

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