Somaliland election commission resigns, asks others to follow suit

Hargeisa (SD) – Hassan Yusuf Duale, a member of the Somaliland Election Commission, resigned from the committee to hold the postponed elections.

The resigned member of the Election Commission was the UCID party representative and said he stepped down in the interest of the country and the people.

“I have decided not to take part in the anti-democratization of Somaliland, when I saw the challenges in holding the elections and follow a democratic process and to make it easier for my country and my people and to be part of the solution that leads to elections, and in line with opposition parties request, I resign from the commission”. Said Hassan Yusuf Duale.

He asked the other members to resign “I ask the other members to pay attention to the demands of the parties to resign, as there is no one to hold elections for.”

Opposition parties have been against the election commission, the president said he would not be able to dissolve them unless they resigned, the opposition parties had asked them to resign, in order to hold the long-awaited elections of the House and local municipalities.

There has been a bush from the UCID party leadership to have this member to resign, according to insiders.

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