Somaliland executes several men sentenced to death

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland prosecutors say they carried out a death sentence on six convicted murders in Hargeisa today.

The six men have been held in the central Hargeisa jail until the day they were executed near Mandera Jail.

Statement issued by the Attorney General of Somaliland read,” With the implementation of the high court order, this morning 15/01/2020 at the 7:45 minute executions were carried out on these convicted murderers.

1: Murderer Ahmed Ibrahim Farah. Amina Mohamed’s son, who executed for the assassination of Ex-Police Officer Mohamed Abdi Saleban.

2: Murderer Hassan Muhammed Osman son of Shukri Yusuf, was executed for his murder on the death of Ismail Farah Mohamed.

3: Murderer Khadar Aleel Hirsi son of Mary Omar, executed for assassinating journalist Siyad Abdi Muhammed.

4: Murderer Farhan Mohamed Hassan son of Khadija Khalil, executed for the murder of Ibrahim Ahmed Musa.

5: Murderer of Aydarus Khadar Haibe, the son of Shahidad Areef, who was executed for the murder of Idris Daud Jama.

6: Murderer Abdilahi Ismail Haid son of Faduma Ali, who was killed for his murder in the death of Garad Adan Mohamed.

Capital punishment rulings are rarely upheld in Somaliland due to international pressure groups.

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