Somaliland Government Employee threatens to kill a reporter

Hargeisa (SD)- An independent journalist working in Hargeisa has recently been threatened over the phone by a partisan hack.

“On the afternoon of 16 February, I received a call from a number I didn’t recognise, the caller immediately began by saying he was in Hargeisa, then asked me why I report the news?, he then threatened to shoot me in the head, in Hargeisa.” wrote the reporter on his Facebook page.

Khalid Fodhadhi said he reported the incident to the Somaliland Police, who them launched a manhunt to find the accused who admitted to living in Hargeisa.

The CID investigation revealed that the threatening call was made by one of employees who works at the Ministry of Finance.

“It worries me that the threating call came from a civil servant, however, when the accused was arrested, he swore to the Police, that his phone was stolen and that he didn’t make the threat”. Said Khalid Fodhadhi.

The reporter didn’t pursue the case since the accused cowardly denied making the call.

The reporter thanked everyone who has helped him in the case, particularly the CID and Marodi-Jeh County Prosecutor’s Office.

The Somaliland Government did nothing to discipline its employee for making death threats, using the government phone.

Khalid Fodhadhi, through a source broke the news that presidents Bihi and Farmajo met for the first time in Addis Ababa on Feb 11, 2020.

Government employees threatening journalist is a new low for the Bihi government, encouraging intimidation against all journalist regardless of how fair and professional they are.

The Somaliland government has a dicey relationship with freedom of speech and reporters and is often arresting journalist for reporting unfavorable items of news.

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