Ethiopia interested in Seylac Port, sources reveal

Hargeisa (SD) – A delegation led by the Ethiopian Finance Minister Ahmed Shide has visited Hargeisa last week and left without giving details of the purpose of his trip.

But sources close to the Somaliland presidency tell Somali Dispatch the items discussed included stablishing a port in Seylac.

Ethiopia is currently a stake holder in both utilizing and investing Somaliland’s premier Berbera Port.

The source highlighted that this item is in line with Ethiopia’s ill fated mediation attempts between Somaliland and Somalia.

Somalia’s Federal Government had already signed a deal, that includes investing in Seylac’s port with Ethiopia, which is an incentive for the renewed Ethiopian mediation efforts.

Somali unionist in Awdal had long enticed successive Ethiopian governments with the use of Seylac’s port in return for supporting their cause.

President Bihi for the first time is forced to make hard foreign policy decisions. regarding competing Ethiopian, Djiboutian, Somalia and UAE interests in the country.

But one can always rely on Col. Bihi to make a self, if not a tribal based interest decisions on these and other legacy making issues facing the young unrecognised nation.

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  1. Maalinta maanta ah
    Samaroon bakhtiga u xaalala.
    Waxay iloobeen in Ilahey meel hay ka filayn how ka arzaaqayo(waa zeylac futur port purpose).
    La conquete de l ethiopie sur la mer rouge verra bientot le jour dans le sens ou le temps passe un an correspond a la duré d un mois ainsi de suite.

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