Somaliland: Journalists flee Hargeisa due to injustice by Ali Baghdadi

Hargeisa(SD)-The Somaliland journalists have escaped from Hargeisa due to injustice and harassment perpetrated  by Somaliland Bank Governor Ali Baghdadi.

the targeted Hadhwanaag news reporters who fled with their lives

Hadhwanaag news was targeted because they published whistleblower article by Ali Shootali, which spoke to embezzlement of public funds by Ali Ibrahim Baghdadi.

Ali Baghdadi, who left Canada and was a member of the opposition party Wadani, is now the chairman of the Central Bank of Somaliland, again using the national resources for abuses against the Hadhwanaag news and it’s journalist who worked for decades in promoting Somaliland.

The Journalists who fled Hargeisa are now getting the medical attention they need due to the Ali Baghdadi ordered torture I n Mogadishu, which is now the center for all Somalilanders, who have lost faith in their country’s justice system.

Ali Baghdadi preferred to deal with the corruption allegation by ordering the torture of the Hadhwanaag news reporters, instead of responding to the corruption allegations by Shotaly.

It will be interesting to see and hear, Ali Baghdadi defend his reprehensive behavior in Canada, a country that values freedom of speech, and prosecutes similar acts even in foreign country.  

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