Somaliland Ministry of Interior denies an alleged abuse

Hargeisa (SD) – The Somaliland Ministry of Interior has addressed a circulated allegation that a senior official in the ministry had abused a lady, which they described as fake.

The Deputy Minister of the Interior, the chairman of the public labor union, the director general of the ministry and the secretary of state have strongly rebuked the news.

Deputy Minister of Interior Affairs Nazir Aided said: “We are talking about a social media post talking the Ministry of Interior, the ministry does not have a manager, it has departmental directors, the person posting these allegations says the victim is arrested, then released, we asked the police chief and he said there were no such arrest.”

The deputy minister claimed that the accusation is published on social media by an individual living in Europe.

 “It is our duty to protect the rights of women and men, and if the author has any evidence he should present it and the press is free to investigate, we are convinced that our investigation found  the allegation to be false, other women in the ministry felt shamed by the accusations , “said chairman Farhan.

The statement alleging that a female employee in the ministry was abused, went viral on social media, forcing the government to respond to it.

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