Somali regional state contests number of Ethiopia’s parliamentary polling stations

Addis Ababa (SD) – The Ethiopian National Electoral Commission has announced the polling stations of the National Assembly’s parliamentary elections and the number of stations of each regional state.

The electoral commission presented the map on 547 polling stations of the nine constituencies and the two regional state cities,

According to this figure, Somalis were given seats that were significantly smaller than their population and Land mass, with the Somali region being the second largest, with the third largest ethnicity in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia’s election commission chairman, Burtukan Mideqsa, who spoke at the event, said the polls remained the same and unchanged.

Mideqsa added that the polling station was based on the 1984 census, but that polling station was implemented in 1993.

The Somali regional state of Ethiopian has already complained about their designated seats at the country’s parliament.

The Somali regional State has demanded the addition of at least seven MP’s of the 23 seats it already has in the federal parliament, as the population has grown.

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