Somaliland opposition parties to nominate two new electoral commission members

 Hargeisa(SD)-The elections of the House of Representatives and municipalities have overcome a major challenge after Somaliland opposition parties agreed on an important issue.

The government and the main opposition party in the country, Wadani have been in disagreement over the electoral commission for over a year and on who will hold parliamentary and local council elections.

After a lengthy dispute and a failed agreement reached in July, opposition parties in the country, Wadani and Ucid have now announced that they have reached an agreement to nominate their two new members of the new electoral commission.

Wadani party has failed in its demand to dissolve the current electoral commission, in contrast President Muses’ views of the electoral commission prevailed.

It was never clear UCID party’s reasons for wanting to resolve these issues revolving around the elections, since it’s members in the House has abandoned the Party, and have zero influence in the judiciary.

UCID leadership should be focused on laws and policies to guide  and ensure party loyalties of members in the House.

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