Efforts underway to resume Talks between Somaliland Government and Col. Arre

Hargeisa(SD)-Efforts and meetings have restarted to continue the peace talks between the Somaliland Government and Col Arre.

An official who declined to be named, said to the Horn of Africa Newspaper, that efforts and meetings are under way to resolve the issue, expressing optimism that a formal agreement between the government of President Bihi and the Col. of Arre will be reached.

“There are ongoing efforts and meetings to find solutions, We hope that consensus and good will come out at the end, and it is not yet a successful, and yet to be presented to the press, but I will tell you that they are going well.” said the source.

Traditional leaders from Garhajis clan met with Col. Arre, withdrew from the mediation after a press conference held by National Army Chief of Staff Noah Ismail Tani who said  Col. Arre should have been charged with crimes and treason.

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