Somaliland Opposition Parties urge the removal of Muse Bihi and called for an early election

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland opposition leaders accused president Muse Bihi failed to lead Somaliland and demanded an immediate resignation a speedy election in the country this year.

The two parties jointly proposed that the presidential election be held this year, as the president “failed” to lead the country.

“It appears today that Bihi has emerged as a dictator and is on a the previously infamous path of Former genocidal Generals,” Wadani Chairman Irro told reporters.

The leader of UCID opposition party Faisal Ali Warabe revealed secrets about money promised to President Muse Bihi by President Farmajo.

“Muse destroyed the country, he committed a treason, on February 10, he received a phone call promising him 30% of $ 800 million Somalia will get after the dept relieve is completed, the only condition was that he meet with President Farmajo in Djibouti” said the UCID Chairman.

According to Feisal Ali Warabe’s claim, Muse Bihi will receive $ 240 Million in cash.

Both opposition parties rejected the president’s recent policies towards Somalia and primarying the three parties in Somaliland.

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  1. Failure by the opposition parties of Somaliland to offer a meaningful platform to challenge the government resulted of engaging a negative and vitriol discourse. As local MP suleyman Awad Bukhari reiterates” Faysal Ali Waraabi engages a divisive language when visiting abroad, and an abusive language to President upon his visit to the President. What is required remain less a change of a leadership in Somaliland , but an overall structuring of political parties, attainable by allowing other parties to field alternative leaders with a vision and propensity of challenging the government.

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