Somaliland Politicians and Parliamentarians to attend Jubaland inauguration

Hargeisa(SD)-Parliamentarian Nasir Haji Ali Shire confirmed that there are about a dozen current and former Somaliland officials will attend the inauguration of Jubaland regional President Ahmed Madobe in Kismayu this month.

“Two senators and a member of the House of Representatives, including myself, will be traveling to attend the inauguration of Ahmed Madobe in Kismayo on September 9th, this came after Ahmed Madobe’s surprise election in Kismayo, while the neighboring Somali government disrupted it’s constitution and his people elected him and I congratulated him and asked him to invite me to his inauguration, and we are invited to that inauguration, six members, including former ministers and members of the opposition have organized themselves and made this decision and the government has nothing to do with our decision.” said Nasir Hajji Ali Shire.

Asked whether the people of Somaliland would be shocked about his travel to somalia, he said “As an elected representatives by the People of Somaliland, we are asking not to be shocked, we are not going to Somalia, and we’re not going to Farmajo’s Mogadishu, we have similar interest as Qatar and Turkey.” said Nasir Hajji Ali Shire.

It not clear the Somaliland’s position on the news that Somaliland officials going to Somalia on an official visit, this could open the flood gates, and will encourage others to follow suit. 

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