Somaliland: Pres. Bihi Pardons 19 Pirates

Hargiesa(SD)-Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi extends amnesty to 19 prisoners accused of piracy In a statement issued by the president’s office.

“The purpose of the Republic of Somaliland’s agreement with the Seychelles on the transfer of Somali prisoners was based on humanitarian considerations, including that the prisoners should find a country that is similar religiously, culturally, and linguistically. and to welcome their relatives, as the security situation in their home country would not be possible for them to be transferred to their prisons.

Considering the prisoners arrested for piracy offenses have been subjected to rehabilitation during their detention in the Republic of Somaliland, which has led them to develop a positive attitude and abandon their acts of piracy.

Honoring a petition from the traditional leaders, elders and relatives of convicted prisoners of piracy from Seychelles., and the Proposal Statement of the Office of the Somaliland Attorney General.

Starting today, I offer a special amnesty to prisoners from Seychelles who are detained for piracy “said president Bihi’s statement.

Below are the names of the freed former pirates:

1) Mohamed Ahmed Ise

2) Adow Ali Osman

3) Abdillahi Yusuf Hirsi

4) Ahmed Ali Osman

5) Ahmed Ali Said

6) Mohamed Ahmed Ali

7) Bashir Khalif Hashi

8) abdirisak Mohamed Ali

9) Abdifatah Ahmed Hasan

10) Nur Mohamed Adan

11) Jamaal Mohamed Cali

12) Ali Mohamed Ali

13) Abdillahi Mohamed Hasan

14) Abdi Tahliil Hassan

15) Dahir Abdillaahi Warsame

16) Abadikadir Abdi Ali

17) Abdinur Haji Adan

18) Mohamed Mohamud Hasan

19) Abukar Ahmed Ese

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