Somaliland President and the Opposition Parties Seek debt Relief clarifications

Hargeisa (SD) – President of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi and the two opposition party leaders of Wadani and UCID, Abdirahman Irro and Eng. Faisal Ali Warabe, jointly opposed to Somalia’s debt consolidation today.

They described Somaliland’s view of the World Bank’s decision to pardon Somalia’s debt and how the World Bank was unclear what role Somaliland had in debt relief and the lack of consultations.

Somaliland President His Excellency Musa Bihi Abdi started his speech by saying

    “News came out today, issued by the World Bank. The establishment of the Somali Republic in 1960, with its 91st dissolution, World Bank released statements about Somalia longstanding debts, promised Debt-over most of its debts and will be given a new one. In a letter, they did not publicly remove the name of Somaliland, when they identified the five regional states of Somalia.

President Bihi continued “In their statements, they didn’t say, we have excluded it, and it is a state that has stood for 30 years and was not clarified at all.  The World Bank didn’t mention the two governments that came together and united by the year of 1960, where they separated as different countries on 91 either.  We are calling to the IMF to understand that we are two different countries, and therefore, they need to deal each of us independently, they also didn’t say we will not recognize you As Somaliland. We, Somaliland insisting it is up to you (IMF) for whatever you are providing to Somalia.

We are peaceful, we deserve to have our part of the development assistance as deferent government, we were talking about our concerns, and expect IMF to address us directly, and we hope any kind of relevant assistance to come to us. And don’t want support from you to reach us through anyone else. The independence and acknowledgment that you are talking about, is the one we have left, abandoned and restored our own independence. After we fought hardly to shape our country until it reaches in this status, our second and important message to this bank is to respect our government that we have formed. This is the second message we send to the World Bank.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the WADANI Opposition Party, Abdirahman Cirro took to the mic and started his speech by saying “According to the President, we all agree that Somalia and Somaliland are two neighbouring countries, brothers and sisters. We suggest to the Bank, to reset the mind-set, whereby necessary and of course is, you must deal with Somalia and Somaliland in different ways. That is the general message we are sending to the Bank. Somalia and Somaliland in 1991, together, 91 declared Declaration of Independence even though we did not receive recognition, but the world treats us as Somaliland. And that which is given to them is given straightforward, and none through from other administration.

Finally, Faisal Ali Warabe, UCID party chairman, spoke, saying “there was no Somali government before us, we were Somali Republic, we have had withdrawn from the unified government then we declared Somaliland in 1991. Where they “Somalia” saying in 2020, We’re making a federal, tribal-based Five states, you know, those five states doesn’t work today, the Central gov’t, led by Farmajo doesn’t control more than 3 km. This money being released today, is not money they can use, because money shouldn’t be there, before peace is established. And that money may not and will not have a position to use it, it will not be a funds that will be spent country’s development. You know there is no room for improvement, for example, the Road Turkey wants to build it, from Mogadishu to Afgoye, is not going, it has stopped, due to lack of security in that area, , this money has to be released and given where it suits, for example Somaliland which is proved full control in terms of peace, governance and stability.

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