Military Administration in Somaliland Spreading COVID-19 To Its Inhabitant

All governments around the globe are struggling with how to stop this deadly disease, the Coronavirus, that originated first from China in December 2019, after some of its nationals ate a poisonous python snakes and caused this harmful sickness having no cure up to now, It is fast spreading with unimaginable velocity of speed, it reached all corners of the earth with in no time.

In four months, it killed thousands and thousands of people, millions of others were put in a quarantine camps, almost more than 90% of the world population are also isolated in their homes and are scared them selves.

Business & financial markets fell to the lowest rate and are in the red, international Flights are completely stopped, trains, busses, taxis are all either parked or stagnant. Nobody knows whether they would be dead or alive, sick or healthy soon, fighting for their daily livelihoods, people are worried about their survival. its very hard to burry if someone died (whatever faith they belong to). Whether they are Muslims, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, other believers or non-believers.

Governments around the world and United Nation’s World Health Organisation ( better known WHO),  are trying to spending Billions and billions beyond their reach, in order to get a cure or medicine ( what ever  you say), but not yet found any thing putting the clock back to healthy days. The situation of finding a solution is intense, and how to save lives is still not known, isolation and quarantining of affected ones or those suspected is becoming more and more in every day life, above all of the top trials, the death rate and number of new patients are increasing and again again in unthinkable doubles.

Health individuals can not visit their loved ones (even if they are their parents, sisters, brothers, wives or husbands, their children, relatives, or may be friends). this problem is not yet solved. My brothers and sisters although the world as a whole is fighting against this Coronavirus, please read the bottom and under stand what is going on in Somaliland especially in Hargeisa. No body wants to hear the reality and I know some of Rainbow clients would oppose it, since they support this tyrant and useless administration, who works for their own benefits only but not for the nation’s interests. My readers I want to tell you ” Lying is more important than realities in Somaliland.

 Apart from what I wrote on top, The soldier’s administration In Somaliland, is working other way round, their so called authorities headed by the solider called ” The one who remained alive from the rest of real Heroes” or in Somali ( ragggii ma adigaa ka hadhay) are spreading the disease intentionally with out excuse, they want to kill its people and put them in mass graves, if you think I am wrong, read the facts that I will bring it in front of you and here it is.

The Airline of our neighbouring country (The Ethiopian Airline), came to Hargeisa three days ago, carrying passengers who returned from abroad I.E. UK. United Arab emirates and some other European countries, although they are not sure if these passengers are affected by the COIV-19, The so called ignorant Interior minister ( The Mare Horse) or in Somali ( Geenyo Shaaximan), who was supposed to isolate them in a special quarantining camps, places, or completely separated from the rest of the population, unluckily instead of doing the above procedures, he ordered the affected people to one of the most modern international hotels In Hargeisa ( The business capital of  Somaliland). This hotel is called ” The Sky Hotel” which is so near to the Airport. The Ignorant man who call him self interior minister, ordered his rubbish and unprofessional police force to take them at the above named hotel, while still no body knows, even if they got this dangerous Virus or exposed to it and no one tested them at all.

In addition to that, this crazy soldier ( Interior minister) imprisoned the couple who owned the hotel, when they rejected their request of hosting these sick people at their hotel and said we are not accepting to give them an accommodation at our hotel such a sick people. the couple are in jail up to now. The problem is, why they bringing these affected nationals to the heart of Hargeisa? The answer to this question is, they are crazy enough, have no brain whatsoever, they are in power only is to embezzle money but nothing else.

    * N.B Lying Is More Important Than Realities!

    By Abdi-Shotaly.


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