Somaliland president visits Gabiley and Wajale farms

 President of Somaliland Muse Bihi Abdi accompanied by a large delegation visited  the Gabiley and Wajale districts project overseen by the National army by the Ministry of Agricultural Development.

The president, accompanied by ministers of defense, agricultural development, commander of the national army and regional administration in Gabiley and Wajaale districts, they explored projects in Wajale Basin, which have had a good harvest in this rainy year.

Members of the national army officers who oversee the farmland’s agricultural projects, have reported on the army’s efforts to produce food for military use which also benefits other communities in Somaliland.

The Somaliland Minister for Agricultural Development Mr. Ahmed Mumin Seed, who briefed  the president on the various projects of his ministry in Wajale farmlands, said that the ministry’s efforts to reach such a wide range of markets in the country have been profound. showing the community to understand the value of farming.

“Thank you for your effort and we will increase our efforts, this is just the beginning , you are only poor if you don’t have food, and the food from abroad cannot be relied on”. said President Bihi

The Somaliland president is on his third day visiting the west of the country and he performed Friday prayers in Gabiley. 

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