Somaliland President requests a meeting and a photo op with Somalia cabinet ministers

Mecca(SD)-The president of the Republic of Somaliland Muse Bihi Abdi was for the first seen posing with Somalia’s cabinet ministers while at the Hajj pilgrimage.

The governments of Somaliland and Somalia have been exchanging verbal and diplomatic attacks in recent months escalating tentions.

Sources present when the photo was taken, tell   somalidispatch.com that it was the Somaliland delegation at the Hajj that requested a meeting and a photo op with the Somali cabinet ministers.

it’s not yet clear if the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia facilitated the encounter. 

The Somaliland government and it’s supporters have preveously accused the Somaliland opposition politicians and parties of being too weak on Somali politicians in the past, and even went as far as accusing them of supporting greater Somalia.

So it came as a surprise to see President Muse Bihi and his Ministers of Interior Mohamed Kahin and Housing  Abdirashid Qambi posing with Somali Foreign Minister Ahmed Awad and Finance Minister Dr Abdirahman Beyle and others.

It’s not yet clear the motif of the photograph and the meeting, but it is raising concern among the Somalia politics sensitive Kulmiye diehards.

All and all it is A stomper and rare moment in Somali politics.


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  1. I was flabbergasted to see this.This shows that Somaliland blood and dignity was exchanged for few dollars.I will never forget my family who fought to bring their honor and freedom back.I will advise my to raise again.Freedom or Death .

  2. Waar Ilaahay ka baqa oo ummadda Xajaysa siyaasada ka daaya. Ilaahay wuxu ina faray in Xajka niyadsan iyo qalbi xaadhan lala tago.

    I am sure what we see is only good intentions and forgiveness without showing any ill-will against each while they are performing the Hajj pilgrimage. Some cynics who are interpreting it otherwise should be ashamed of themselves.

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