Suspected murder attempt at asylum seekers’ residence in Halmstad

Shortly after ten o’clock on Monday, an alarm was sent out about an abuse at the asylum residence in Spenshult, Halmstad.

According to information to SOS alarm, someone or some persons should have been subjected to some form of abuse, probably with a knife.

The damage is yet unclear. According to police, security personnel have arrested the perpetrator.

Police arrived at the scene at 10:23. A moment later, two people are said to have been taken to hospital.

The men are in their 30s and 25s, with unclear injuries. – What we know is that a man was arrested on the spot and that we will investigate the incident.

We cordon off the area and make a technical investigation, says Ulla Brehm, the police’s press spokesman. The arrested person, a 25-year-old man, has been taken to a police station for questioning suspected of abuse and attempted murder.

Clothes have been seized and technicians are on their way to the blocked crime scene.


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