Somaliland responses to Pres. Farmajo’s reconciliation committee

Hargeisa July 18,2019(SD)-Somaliland in a press release rebuked Somalia’s plan for reconciliation announcement made by their president yesterday. 

“The Mogadishu governments appointment of committee that would work on reconciliation and dialog with Hargeisa had two objectives” read the press release  

1 . A long-term solution to the challenges of our brothers in Somaliland.

It is good that the person is responsible for his tongue and his or her practice matches, since the Somali government has taken over the country, the Republic of Somaliland has taken a political, economic, social and diplomatic attack whereby Somaliland receives support from development projects, investment in Berbera port and Somaliland livestock sales. Therefore, your  hatred actions do not  match your beautifully crafted statements in the OUR BROTHERS IN SOMALILAND, those are just crocodile tears.

The republic of Somaliland’s grievances and what it’s people endured can only be resolved at a conference attended by the international community., but there is no resolve to be reached with Farmajo’s adversarial regime. Common sense dictates resisting your enemy not discussing your grievances.

2.In his second article, asserts the federal constitution.

The Republic of Somaliland does not abide by the federal affairs, recalling the history of the 1960s, as two independent states, recognized by the international community we united for the greater Somalia vision , but the 1991 collapse of the union has dissolved, since 1991 We are two separate independent states, and Somalia is the Federal Republic of Somalia, we are the Republic of Somaliland.

Therefore, the appointment of the committee is a political mistake, and Somaliland on it’s resolves local disputes, and responds to  its enemies as one. Somaliland citizens have not been able to become an advocate of the enemy of their country.

Therefore, the Somaliland and Somalia talks can only be resummed if Somalia recognizes that the unity of the two countries has collapsed in 1991, and today we are two separate neighboring independent states for 28 years.

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