Somaliland suspends issuing Visas to Ethiopians, as that country gets its first COVID-19

Addis Ababa (SD) – Somaliland has temporarily stopped issuing visas to visitors from Ethiopia, according to Somaliland’s Deputy Ambassador to Ethiopia, Barkhad Kariye.

“We, as embassies, have already been vigilant and have temporarily stopped issuing visas to people who wish to travel to the Republic of Somaliland from Ethiopia. In addition, we will let the community know”. said Ambassador Barkhad.

The statement comes as Ethiopia has announced its first case of Corona Virus in that country.

Both Ethiopia and Kenya have confirmed that the first cases of Corona Virus were detected in each of their countries.

Somaliland doesn’t have a border with Kenya, though there are travelers going back and forth between the two countries, and perhaps the ban should be extended to them as well.

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