Somaliland takes control over a Puntland army base

Boame (SD) – Reports from Boame in the Sool region say that Somaliland forces have recently taken over the control of an army base, previously controlled by Puntland forces.

The base seized from Puntland forces by Somaliland forces who previously had been part of the Puntland administration.

The troops who took over the Boame Station today were seen displaying the Somaliland flag inside the base, according to local sources, the troops were led by famous local commanders.

Reports also indicate that Somaliland administration has provided additional troops and military vehicles to boost the force that took control of the base.

There were no reports of fighting during the take over.

So far, there have been no reports from the Puntland administration regarding the takeover of the base by Somaliland forces, which they are fighting a border war with.

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