Somaliland: talks need an elected and credible Somalia president

Hargeisa (SD) – The Somaliland Government negotiations committee with the Somali Federal Government said it would be ready to conduct the talks if the federal government first implemented the agreements reached in the previous meetings.

The Chairperson of the Somaliland Negotiations Committee Drs. Edna Adan said that they are ready to re-open the Dialogue, but first want the Federal Government, to implement the provisions agreed upon in previous meetings.

“We welcome the talks, as the talks progressed from the first to the sixth, there was a rally, both sides were getting closer, but unfortunately, Somali President Mohamed Farmajo canceled all the agreed upon terms, He woke up one day and said the signatures of all the former presidents are nullified.

The question is, will these required talks get the previous agreements reinstated? If old agreements are null and void, then any new talks are not worth the effort. The talks needs a charismatic president, elected by the Somali people, to respect what the former presidents have agreed to, and respect and have the power to do so”. Said Adna Adan

Somaliland was responding to a call from its counter part in the talks, Somalia. The Somalia Mediation and dialogue committee with Somaliland held a series of meetings with stake holders as it prepared for talks with Somaliland, according to chairman Jengeli.

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