Ugas Hassan tells Somaliland Flood Emergency Committee Somalis are One

Beledweyne (SD) – Ugas Hassan Ugas Khalif Ugas Roble who is one of the Somali traditional leaders held a special dinner ceremony today in Beledweyne for the Somaliland Emergency Response Team which arrived in the city yesterday.

Ugas Hassan welcomed the committee and thanked them for their participation in the relief efforts for those affected by the recent floods in Beledweyne, the headquarters of Hiran region.

“We are grateful for the support you have given us and the support you have shown us. Somalis are brothers and are all one. So are the disagreement questions between politicians or the culture,” Ugas Hassan said.

Chairman of the Somaliland Emergency Committee Jamal Aided Hassan thanked Ugas Hassan for his honorable lunch invitation, saying the relief efforts was a must.

The Chairman failed to respond to the Ugas’s assertion that all Somalis are one, which is contrary to Somaliland’s independent bit for recognition.

The delegation arrived in Beledweyne yesterday, bringing about $ 600,000 from Somaliland community for those affected by the recent floods in the region, especially in Beledweyne.

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