Somaliland: Wadani Party convenes its second conference in Burao

Burao(SD)-Somaliland opposition party Wadani has today held its second conference in Burao, attended by members of the central assembly and top party officials.

The second Wadani conference was attended by Kulmiye’s deputy chairman Ahmed Abdi Dhere, UCID party secretary Ramah, Khatumo leader Ali Khalif Galaydh and other politicians, who all congratulated the party.

WADDANI party leader Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan, speaking at the event, said: “I call on the people of Wadani to unite with the people of Somaliland as we have set our sights on uniting the nation and people.”

Wadani party leader Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi Irro has criticized the government and President Bihi, saying it had failed in its mandate.

Also, Abdilahi Gel, a longtime Kulmiye political party member, who held different portfolio in the government of President Silanyo today, has officialy joined the Wadani Party.

The Wadani conference is expected to end tomorrow, and the party will be re-evaluated to meet its goals.

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