President Farmajo visits a man convicted on Genocide in Somaliland

Washington(SD)-The President of the Federal Government of Somalia in Washington met with Colonel Tuke, who was convicted of genocide in Somaliland during the civil War.

The Somali government has yet to elaborate on the president’s meeting with Colonel Tuke, but parliamentarians and opposition politicians in Somalia have strongly criticized President Farmajo’s move.

Parliamentarian Ahmed Moalim Fiqi, on a message posted on his Facebook page, has apologized to the Somaliland people for the president’s actions in showing to respect to a man convicted of massacre by the US federal court.

“I apologize to our Somali brothers in the name of the Somali people, President Farmajo has rekindled their feelings and reminded them of sad days after he took a photo with a man accused of war crimes and genocide,” lawmaker Ahmed Moalim said in his statement.

On the other hand, Waddjir opposition leader Abdirahman Abdishakur has criticized President Farmajo for his meeting with Colonel Tuke.

“President Farmajo’s delegation included Saddak John, a criminal who massacred people at the Wadajir Center. He was pictured with Colonel Tuke a war criminal. The commander of the Custodial Corps was promoted to the man who massacred people in Baidoa, and he still has no sympathy for the people at the Kismayo hospitals, this is evidence that he thinks genocide is acceptable, has no interest in human genocide. Our Prophet (CSWS) said “If you are not ashamed do what you want”   said Abdirahman Abdi Shakur.

The president’s action shows his contempt for Somali or Islamic civility and decency by posing with a convicted killer, it’s also a testament of his failure to hide his true feelings for the Somali people he claims to love.

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